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I have been training with Matt and the Soular Energy trainers consistently for almost 6 years. When I started I had finished having babies (as a mum of 3 boys) and had decided it was time to get my body back and do something positive for myself. Not being one for the confines of a gym, the idea of training in the outdoors really appealed to me. It also meant that at the time I joined, my then 4 year old could come to classes with me. I loved the idea of this as it meant extra time for him spent in the outdoors and not having to be put into a crèche at a gym. 

When I first started I honestly wouldn't have thought that I would still be here, and still LOVE it, all these years later. I'd tried lots of things for fitness before, from team sports to swimming to walking. All these activities eventually became boring and unappealing. What has kept me coming back to Soular is the fact that I have simply made attending at least 3-4 classes per week a non-negotiable part of my life. That combined with fantastic, knowledgable trainers, flexible class times, wonderfully positive training partners (many who I now consider to be friends) and a variety of locations and class types means that I simply never get bored of coming to classes and if I have to miss one for any reason, I can't wait to get back into it! I also love the fact that everyone works at their own level and you're not forced to have to keep up with fitter class members. 

I would encourage anyone to try a class and see all the benefits they can get out of outdoor training with Soular. I'm so glad I did!!

Catherine Lowe

Like most people my age, I’d tried gyms and different exercise programs over the years with varying levels of success. When I went looking for a new program or group, I was a little overweight and fairly out of shape. I found I could only motivate myself in short bursts so the gym really didn’t suit me because it was way too easy to say ‘I’ll go tomorrow,’ and we all know how that goes!

I’d heard of Soular through different people and decided to call Matt and check it out. I haven’t looked back! The afternoon classes were a bit difficult to get to after work and I was ‘thinking’ about hitting the early morning classes when I got that concerned text message from Matt wondering where I’d been, which was exactly what I needed.

I now train regularly in the mornings and am more motivated to go out and run at other times. I find that Soular classes and trainers provide the perfect mix of intensity and support, catering for many fitness levels and abilities – but there’s never any slacking!

 Recently I’ve conquered the 10k run, which I never thought I’d be capable of. I’m working now to beat my last time rather than just struggling to finish. And the wedding dress I ordered 9 months ago is way too big and in need of some serious alterations, which has also been a brilliant motivator!



 After the birth of my second child I knew I had to do something to help remove the excess weight I had gained from having my two children.  I was out walking with my children and saw a group of Soular Energy people training in Birriwa Reserve.  WOW!, I said when I watched 6 people run completely round the oval and then do push ups, sit ups etc.  I thought these people were machines. That's when my journey with Soular Energy all started. My goal was to be fit enough to run around the oval once! My first session was the hardest, I was sore for days.  I knew I had to keep going, keeping my goal in my head. 

3 sessions a week quickly turned into 5 sessions a week.  I reached my goal really quickly and now I set higher goals for myself.Now I feel  more energetic, happier, my body weight and body measurements are continually decreasing.The best thing about Soular Energy is the variety of classes and support from other Soular Energy members.  There is never any pressure to be the fittest person in the class, you just have to try YOUR best. Soular Energy offers a mixture of strength, endurance, agility and cardio classes.Thanks to Soular Energy's trainers I now place a very high value for my physical fitness.  I can actually run around with my kids not just watch them.  I can't get enough of Soular Energy! Thanks Matt.